Welcoming Martin Rosado to our Board of Directors!

We're thrilled to introduce you to the newest member of our Board of Directors, Martin Rosado! We first got to know Martin at Capital One Café in downtown Santa Monica, where he is the Café Coach. Capital One joined us as a season sponsor last year.  We are so excited to have Martin join our Board of Directors and help us support a community where youth are inspired and empowered through quality music education!

Elemental Music: I'm told that you studied music before heading on a different path. What kind of music did you study?

Martin Rosado: My grandmother was a prominent piano teacher in our community - she taught classical piano. I learned to play piano from when I could reach the keys until around 12, when I decided to focus on baseball. 

EM: Has studying music helped you in your current career in any way?

MR: Studying music taught me the importance of practicing to always keep learning and improving. I would watch myself and the other children learn to go from not knowing how to play a piece of music, the challenges of finger placement, and learning how to read the notes to ultimately turning that into a brilliant piece of music after arduous, deliberate practice. I learned that even the most talented performers needed to always keep learning and practicing. 

EM: What inspired you to join our board?  

MR: I wanted to lend my time and effort to an organization that had a strong purpose and mission. My love for music and my passion for community development led me to work with Elemental Music, first as a sponsor, and I ultimately now have the privilege to be on the board.

We've had a couple of other recent changes to our Board of Directors.Colette Dill-Lerner joined as a new member of our board back in June. In addition to her role as Senior Advisor at MediaLink and Managing Partner at Steel+Pepper, Colette is the mother of two, both children EM enrollees. She has been a longtime supporter of the organization, donating both time and resources to support our mission in a variety of ways. We're also excited to have Brian Driscoll step into the role of President of the Board. Brian is a full-time music faculty member at Santa Monica College and previously served as Vice President of the board. Brian has been instrumental (ha ha) in helping our organization grow and we're thrilled to have him at the helm of our board!