We are pleased to share a few of the things parents and students are saying about Elemental Music.



elemental band

“Elemental Band provides young budding elementary aged musicians an opportunity to play age appropriate music in a supportive ensemble. They are led by musicians who are not only incredibly accomplished in their fields, but who are also kind and great with children. My daughter has developed a deep passion for music, having participated in various Elemental Music programs. Elemental Band is one of her favorites because she loves her teachers, she feels very confident as a musician within the ensemble, and she has learned a lot. She looks forward to rehearsals and growing as a musician. When there was a power failure during one of their performances, the children were so well prepared, all that was needed were some parents to use their cellphones to light up the sheet music. When it comes to winds, brass and percussionists who are developing their skills, Elemental Band is an exceptional program, bar none.”
— M.J. Kang, Parent

elemental choir

“The Elemental Choir program was an invaluable experience for my daughter. From the beginning I was impressed at the amount of material that was covered at every practice. Expectations were set high yet students were engaged and motivated. It was obvious that the teachers worked to further the knowledge and talents of each individual while striving to build a quality performing group. Through this process, the combination of lessons and amazing performance experience, my daughter received a strong foundation for future endeavors.”
— Sylvia Jimenez, Parent


elemental guitar

“Elemental Guitar is an amazing program! My son, Max, has been in Elemental Guitar for the past 3 years. It fueled his love of playing, improved his practice skills, taught him how to play in a group, and exposed him to some remarkable musicians. I highly recommend Elemental Music to any child who loves and wants to learn about music.”
— Annette Dugan, Parent

elemental strings

“As an educator myself, I have been incredibly impressed with the ability of the instructors to teach music in a way that makes it fun, builds mastery, and fosters confidence. My daughter has developed not only a greater love for music but also poise and self-assurance because of her involvement in Elemental Strings.”
— Margaret Brady, Parent


Academy Philharmonic

“When we heard that the Elemental folks were offering a bigger experience in Academy Philharmonic for middle schoolers, we jumped at the chance. My son’s experience playing in Academy Philharmonic added a huge additional musical experience to his life above and beyond his band experience in school. He made new friends, he learned more about music, he was challenged with duets, trios and even short solos and he had the opportunity to face and manage stage fright. We appreciated having 3 or 4 concerts to attend all year long, and especially enjoyed the intimate band concert at the Laemmle Theater. Mr. Senchuck is an enthusiastic, generous, patient, and tireless teacher and leader, truly a force of musical energy who inspires and encourages with optimism.”
— Juli Juteau, Parent


“Upon searching for a musical program for my daughter’s first foray into playing an instrument, we were lucky to find Prelude. It’s a program that in nine months time was able to take her from being a complete beginner, not even knowing how to hold her instrument, to performing beautiful pieces of music with her ensemble in concerts. She loved her year in Prelude and developed a deep passion for playing the cello that she carries with her today.”
— Jennifer Wilkinson, Parent