Thinking about Finding a Private Teacher? 

Private lessons are the best way to help students get individualized instruction to help them improve. Our ensemble programs are great at helping students learn how to play their instruments and sing in a collaborative environment, but a private teacher can really best address the needs for your child and support their learning in both school programs and our ensembles.

There is more to consider besides the cost and ease of scheduling. The following questions are also important to think about.

What experience do they have teaching and playing their instrument? 
It is often helpful to find a teacher whose primary instrument is the one you are seeking; subtle technique differences between instruments can often be lost when taking lessons with someone who doesn't actually play the instrument. 

Does your child connect with the teacher?
Not every teacher will be a good fit. Some teachers are more nurturing, others more demanding. Some focus on technique and fundamentals, others on having fun playing music. Some focus more on classical style, others on pop music. There isn't one right answer, but it is important to consider what YOU are looking for in a teacher.

Does the teacher make house calls or do you go to their home/studio?House calls are convenient, but sometimes are too comfortable for students to focus, especially with normal household distractions like siblings, parents, pets, etc. 

Does the teacher have any kind of relationship with your school programs?
It is often helpful (but not imperative) when the teacher knows what things are coming up for students, like auditions, playing tests, etc. 

Finally, talk to people. Ask friends who their children study with. Ask teachers in our programs. Referrals can be so helpful, and can often lead you to the right teacher for your child!

Good luck!