Join Team Rondo!

It’s hard to believe that the school year is just around the corner! While we enjoy the end of summer, this is also the time of year when we jump start our fundraising—for our next class of children embarking on their early musical journey with us.

To ensure a clear pathway towards our mission, we are launching our 2nd annual Team Rondo campaign today, with this call:

Will you pledge $10 a month in honor of our 10th anniversary as a Santa Monica non-profit organization?

Nearly half of our students in recent years are financial aid recipients. It is important to us that all families have access to our programs, and with your help, we are able to provide assistance.

We believe in the work that we do, because of feedback like this:

From parents -- “the passion from the instructors is contagious and the joy that our children feel for music is absolutely a direct result.”

“To find an orchestra experience that leans in quality towards the first but remains accessible - financially, time-wise and emotionally - is a gift.”

From community members -- “Elemental Strings helps fill the educational gap that funding issues have created, and thus plays a critical educational and social role. I cannot praise them enough.”

“[Elemental Music is] a non-profit that Santa Monica is extremely fortunate to have, particularly for those students who are financially unable to afford private lessons or even instruments.”

Recurring donors help us spend less time fundraising and more time on our programs. Recurring donors enable us to breathe a little easier each month, knowing we have commitments from those who have seen our work.

Click Here to join Team Rondo, our recurring monthly donor family, for another round! 

An Elemental Music sustaining monthly donor is like a nice summer breeze…always welcome and deeply appreciated – with much gratitude from the entire Elemental Music team!