Seeking Sponsors & Advertisers!

Us: a longtime Santa Monica music education nonprofit with over 2,000 audience members at our events annually

You: a local business looking to connect with your community and get your name in front of westside families while feeling good about supporting music education

We’re seeking sponsors and advertisers for our 2019–20 season! Whether you’d like to sponsor our season or simply purchase an ad to appear in our full-color concert program booklets, we’ve got levels of support for all businesses and entrepreneurs.

Season sponsors also get lots of perks like recognition in our social media and newsletters, opportunities to set up booths at our concerts, and maybe even tickets to our 2020 10th Anniversary Celebration, depending on your sponsorship level!

Plus, of course: over 2,000 pairs of eyeballs reading your name in our materials and the do-gooder feeling of supporting the joyful music-making of our Elemental Music students.

Interested? Check out our Sponsorship + Advertising Opportunities!